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VideoAnt 4

A new version of VideoAnt will be released in early August. VideoAnt 4 will bring new features and an updated interface.

Existing annotated videos will be migrated to the new version. Please note, the appearance of embedded videos will also be updated.

If you have concerns regarding the upgrade, please send us a message through the feedback form.

Version 3.0.0 Released
  • YouTube Uploads

    You can now annotate your YouTube uploads without ever leaving VideoANT...

    Users who are signed in with Google (or have added the Google authentication service to their VideoANT account) will now see the "Browse YouTube Uploads" button on the New ANT form.

    Clicking the "Browse YouTube Uploads" button will present you with a listing of your YouTube uploads playlist. You can select any video from this listing to be loaded into the Annotation Editor.

  • Shared ANTS in My ANT Farm

    When someone shares an ANT with you it will now appear in your ANT Farm.

    You can also filter your ANT Farm by All ANTs, My ANTS, and ANTs Shared with Me.

    The ANT Farm now displays the owner of each ANT.

    ANTs that you own will display the number of users it is shared with.

  • Private YouTube videos

    VideoANT now supports annotation of private YouTube videos...

    In order to annotate a private YouTube video you must have permission to view the video on YouTube AND be signed into your Google/YouTube account.

    To share an ANT of a private YouTube, the person you share the ANT with must also have permission to view the video on YouTube AND be signed into their Google/YouTube account.

    You can avoid having to manage permissions and authentications by using YouTube's "Unlisted" privacy setting.

  • Added the About page with information about VideoANT and an ANT that explains how to use the appliation (so meta!)
  • U of M x500 users will now default to their full name instead of x500 account name
  • Added plain text ANT export
  • Updated error messages with another awesome ant graphic (created by Susan Andre)
  • Added Terms and Conditions - users must now accept the Terms and Conditions before using VideoANT
  • Moved the Developer Feedback link to the footer
  • Performace fixes - your ANT Farm should load a bit faster now
  • Updated error messages for authentication issues
Version 2.0.0 Released

For the last few months we've been working on some major updates to VideoANT!

  • ANTs can now be set to either "Public" or "Private" by clicking the "Change…" privacy button within the new Share interface.
    • Public ANTs

      People will still need to have either the "Annotate" or "View" URL to your ANTs in order to access them. They aren't exactly public - they work more like YouTube's "unlisted" videos.

      Public ANTs work the same as ANTs in the previous version of VideoANT. All existing ANTs from before the update are currently set to public.

    • Private ANTs

      By setting an ANT to Private, only users that you explicitly give permission to either "Annotate" or "View" the ANT can access the ANT.

    • We've modeled the Share interface after Google's interface for sharing documents in Google Apps, hopefully it is intuitive and makes sense to those of you who've used Google Docs's sharing before.
  • Added Google authentication
  • Updated "Home" page that asks the user to sign in (either via one of the authentication services or as a guest) before completing any actions.
  • Updated "New Ant" form that should be more intuitive when loading a video's URL.
  • Updated Account Settings page that will allow you to add and remove authentication services associated with your account.
  • Upgrades to the Ant Farm
    • Search now includes text within annotations.
    • You can now sort ANTs in the "list" view by Title, Privacy setting, Annotation count, and Date modified.
    • Date modified is now updated when an annotation or comment is added to an ANT.
  • Added the "Export" feature to allow users to extract the content of their annotations and comments in RSS, XML, and JSON data formats
  • You can now manage your video within the Annotation Editor
    • Under the annotations there are now tabs to Share, Embed, Export, and Delete your ANTs
    • For security, ANTs created by guests can not be made Private or Deleted via this interface.
  • Updated the location of the "Feedback" button to hover in the top-right.
    Please feel free to use the Feedback form to contact our team - we aim to be very responsive to your questions or comments.
  • A few bug fixes, including fixing an issue that came up when authenticating via multiple services that return the same email and moving confirmation dialoge boxes so they don't have overlapping issues on iPad.
Bug Fixes

Last week's issues with the YouTube API caused a bug in VideoANT where annotations would be doubled and users had issues when removing them. This problem should now be solved.

Another fix has been pushed that prevents the application from scrolling to the top of the page when an annotation is deleted.

Updated Permissions and Twitter Authentication

We have updated permissions for editing and deleting annotations and comments. The changes are as follows:

  • Authenticated users will no longer see ANTs created by guest users with their email address in their Ant Farm. While this feature was handy to some users who had created guest ANTs before authenticating, it could have caused security issues.
  • ANT owners may now delete annotations and comments by any author on their ANTs.
  • Authenticated users may edit and delete their own annotations. They can also delete their own comments.
  • Both annotations and comments from guest users can be removed by any user with the "Edit Link" to the ANT.

We have also updated our Twitter authentication library to work with Twitter's API version 1.1. This should fix authentication issues with Twitter that started on 6/11/2013.

Updated VideoANT Launch Page

Welcome to the new VideoANT! We have updated this page to begin redirecting VideoANT users to the new HTML5 version of VideoANT.

Annotated videos created with the classic version of VideoANT are still available and accessible via the annotate/view/embed links provided via email when they were created.

Any questions or comments about the transition from VideoANT classic to the new version can be mailed to or send us a message via the VideoANT feedback page.

Updated Player and Added Embedding

We have upgraded the VideoANT player for better compatibility across browsers and video formats. The VideoANT player should now support both YouTube and HTML5 videos in Chrome, Safari (both desktop and mobile on iOS devices), Firefox, and Opera.

We have also added the "Embed" option to the Ant Farm's Manage Video menu. To embed a VideoANT video, simply copy the embed code provided and paste it into your site.

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