How to Use Edpuzzle on and off Moodle

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Author Details

Dr. Nellie Deutsch
University of Phoenix
Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is a Canadian educator organizes online professional development for faculty members on Blended learning (hyflex), education technology and mindfulness. Her doctoral dissertation focused on blended learning in higher education. Nellie is a Moodle admin. She manages her own server and provides Moodle support and training to Moodle admin and teachers at schools. She has been teaching English in high school and at the college level for 40 years and integrating technology into in-person programs since 1992. She organizes free online events such as Moodle & Virtual World MOOCs, online conferences (CO09-CO22) (MMVC11-22) on Moodle for Teachers. She applies collaborative process based team peer learning, teacher supportive learner autonomy & technologies such as Moodle, Padlet, Wakelet, Quizlet, Kahoot, Voki, Flipgrid, Nearpod, Edpuzzle, ZOOM, Jitsi, Screencast-o-matic, Vimeo, and Google drive for collaborative presentation-based learning. She’s on TESOL CALL-IS steering committee and EVO coordination team (past and upcoming chair).